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2017 38th Annual Ted Houk Regatta TH17

 Draft Order of Events

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Age Groups: Bantam is 13 years old or younger on Jan 1, 2017; Juvenile is 15 or younger on Jan 1st, Junior is 17 or younger on Jan 1st.
Masters A must be 30 or more on Jan 1st, Masters B 45 or more on Jan 1st and Masters C 60 or more on Jan 1st, 2017.
The rest are Seniors, though any paddler of the specified event gender can race in a Seniors event, except for bantams.
Show: Juniors/Seniors Para MASTERS ALL Events
Race dayeventOrderEventIDEvent NameGenderLevelCompetitionBoat type
Saturday June 10th1TH17.501V-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Saturday June 10th2TH17.502K-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Saturday June 10th3TH17.201C-1 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th4TH17.202C-1 Masters Mens 1000mMMasterC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th5TH17.203C-2 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th6TH17.204K-1 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th7TH17.205K-2 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th8TH17.206K-1 Juvenile Womens 1000mFJuvenileK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th9TH17.207K-4 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th10TH17.208C-1 Junior Womens 1000mFJuniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th11TH17.209C-2 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th12TH17.210K-1 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th13TH17.211C-1 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th14TH17.212K-2 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th15TH17.213C-2 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th16TH17.214K-1 Senior Womens 1000mFSeniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th17TH17.215K-1 Masters Womens 1000mFMasterK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th18TH17.216K-4 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th19TH17.217C-1 Bantam Womens 1000mFBantamC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th20TH17.218C-4 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th21TH17.219C-4 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th22TH17.220K-1 Masters Mens 1000mMMasterK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th23TH17.221K-1 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th24TH17.222K-2 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th25TH17.223C-4 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th26TH17.224K-1 Junior Womens 1000mFJuniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th27TH17.225C-1 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th28TH17.226C-1 Juvenile Womens 1000mFJuvenileC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th29TH17.227K-1 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th30TH17.228K-4 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th31TH17.229C-1 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th32TH17.230K-1 Bantam Womens 1000mFBantamK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th33TH17.231K-2 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th34TH17.232C-2 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th35TH17.233K-4 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th36TH17.234C-1 Senior Womens 1000mFSeniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th37TH17.235C-1 Masters Womens 1000mFMasterC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th38TH17.236C-4 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th39TH17.503V-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Saturday June 10th40TH17.504K-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th41TH17.301K-1 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamK1-500K
Sunday June 11th42TH17.302C-1 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th43TH17.303C-1 Masters Womens 500mFMasterC1-500C
Sunday June 11th44TH17.304K-2 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorK2-500K
Sunday June 11th45TH17.319K-1 Masters Mens 500mMMasterK1-500K
Sunday June 11th46TH17.306C-2 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorC2-500C
Sunday June 11th47TH17.307K-1 Juvenile Mens 500mMJuvenileK1-500K
Sunday June 11th48TH17.308K-4 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorK4-500K
Sunday June 11th49TH17.309K-4 Masters Womens 500mFMasterK4-500K
Sunday June 11th50TH17.305C-2 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileC2-500C
Sunday June 11th51TH17.311K-1 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileK1-500K
Sunday June 11th52TH17.312C-4 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamC4-500C
Sunday June 11th53TH17.313C-1 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th54TH17.314K-2 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamK2-500K
Sunday June 11th55TH17.315C-2 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorC2-500C
Sunday June 11th56TH17.316C-2 Masters Womens 500mFMasterC2-500C
Sunday June 11th57TH17.317C-2 Masters Mens 500mMMasterC2-500C
Sunday June 11th58TH17.318K-1 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th59TH17.310C-1 Junior Mens 500mMJuniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th60TH17.320K-4 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorK4-500K
Sunday June 11th61TH17.321K-4 Masters Mens 500mMMasterK4-500K
Sunday June 11th62TH17.322C-4 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileC4-500C
Sunday June 11th63TH17.323C-1 Bantam Mens 500mMBantamC1-500C
Sunday June 11th64TH17.324K-1 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th65TH17.337K-1 Bantam Mens 500mMBantamK1-500K
Sunday June 11th66TH17.326K-4 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorK4-500K
Sunday June 11th67TH17.327K-1 Masters Womens 500mFMasterK1-500K
Sunday June 11th68TH17.328C-1 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamC1-500C
Sunday June 11th69TH17.329K-2 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileK2-500K
Sunday June 11th70TH17.330K-1 Junior Mens 500mMJuniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th71TH17.331K-4 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamK4-500K
Sunday June 11th72TH17.332C-1 Juvenile Mens 500mMJuvenileC1-500C
Sunday June 11th73TH17.333C-1 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileC1-500C
Sunday June 11th74TH17.334K-1 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th75TH17.335K-2 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorK2-500K
Sunday June 11th76TH17.336K-2 Masters Womens 500mFMasterK2-500K
Sunday June 11th77TH17.325K-2 Masters Mens 500mMMasterK2-500K
Sunday June 11th78TH17.338C-2 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamC2-500C
Sunday June 11th79TH17.339K-4 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileK4-500K
Sunday June 11th80TH17.340C-1 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th81TH17.341C-1 Masters Mens 500mMMasterC1-500C
Sunday June 11th82TH17.342K2 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorK2-500K
Sunday June 11th83TH17.343C-4 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorC4-500C
Sunday June 11th84TH17.344C-4 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorC4-500C
Sunday June 11th85TH17.345C-4 Masters Womens 500mFMasterC4-500C
Sunday June 11th86TH17.346C-4 Masters Mens 500mMMasterC4-500C
Sunday June 11th87TH17.511K-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th88TH17.512V-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th90TH17.513V-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th91TH17.514K-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Note - paracanoeist events may be further defined  and moved within the schedule.
Note 2 masters events only appear as one age level.  If sufficient master entries in any event, entries will be split into 2 or 3 age categories for that event.