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2017 38th Annual Ted Houk Regatta TH17

 Draft Order of Events

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Age Groups: Bantam is 13 years old or younger on Jan 1, 2018; Juvenile is 15 or younger on Jan 1st, Junior is 17 or younger on Jan 1st.
Masters A must be 30 or more on Jan 1st and Masters B 55 or more on Jan 1st, 2018.
All other paddlers are Seniors who must race in the Open events, though any paddler of the specified event gender can race in an Open event, except for bantams.
Show: Juniors/Seniors Para MASTERS ALL Events
Race dayeventOrderEventIDEvent NameGenderLevelCompetitionBoat type
Saturday June 10th1TH17.501V-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Saturday June 10th2TH17.502K-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Saturday June 10th3TH17.201C-1 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th4TH17.202C-1 Masters Mens 1000mMMasterC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th5TH17.203C-2 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th6TH17.204K-1 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th7TH17.205K-2 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th8TH17.206K-1 Juvenile Womens 1000mFJuvenileK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th9TH17.207K-4 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th10TH17.208C-1 Junior Womens 1000mFJuniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th11TH17.209C-2 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th12TH17.210K-1 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th13TH17.211C-1 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th14TH17.212K-2 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th15TH17.213C-2 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th16TH17.214K-1 Senior Womens 1000mFSeniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th17TH17.215K-1 Masters Womens 1000mFMasterK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th18TH17.216K-4 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th19TH17.217C-1 Bantam Womens 1000mFBantamC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th20TH17.218C-4 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th21TH17.219C-4 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th22TH17.220K-1 Masters Mens 1000mMMasterK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th23TH17.221K-1 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th24TH17.222K-2 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th25TH17.223C-4 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th26TH17.224K-1 Junior Womens 1000mFJuniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th27TH17.225C-1 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th28TH17.226C-1 Juvenile Womens 1000mFJuvenileC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th29TH17.227K-1 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th30TH17.228K-4 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th31TH17.229C-1 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th32TH17.230K-1 Bantam Womens 1000mFBantamK1-1000K
Saturday June 10th33TH17.231K-2 Senior Mens 1000mMSeniorK2-1000K
Saturday June 10th34TH17.232C-2 Bantam Mens 1000mMBantamC2-1000C
Saturday June 10th35TH17.233K-4 Juvenile Mens 1000mMJuvenileK4-1000K
Saturday June 10th36TH17.234C-1 Senior Womens 1000mFSeniorC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th37TH17.235C-1 Masters Womens 1000mFMasterC1-1000C
Saturday June 10th38TH17.236C-4 Junior Mens 1000mMJuniorC4-1000C
Saturday June 10th39TH17.503V-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Saturday June 10th40TH17.504K-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th41TH17.301K-1 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamK1-500K
Sunday June 11th42TH17.302C-1 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th43TH17.303C-1 Masters Womens 500mFMasterC1-500C
Sunday June 11th44TH17.304K-2 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorK2-500K
Sunday June 11th45TH17.319K-1 Masters Mens 500mMMasterK1-500K
Sunday June 11th46TH17.306C-2 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorC2-500C
Sunday June 11th47TH17.307K-1 Juvenile Mens 500mMJuvenileK1-500K
Sunday June 11th48TH17.308K-4 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorK4-500K
Sunday June 11th49TH17.309K-4 Masters Womens 500mFMasterK4-500K
Sunday June 11th50TH17.305C-2 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileC2-500C
Sunday June 11th51TH17.311K-1 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileK1-500K
Sunday June 11th52TH17.312C-4 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamC4-500C
Sunday June 11th53TH17.313C-1 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th54TH17.314K-2 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamK2-500K
Sunday June 11th55TH17.315C-2 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorC2-500C
Sunday June 11th56TH17.316C-2 Masters Womens 500mFMasterC2-500C
Sunday June 11th57TH17.317C-2 Masters Mens 500mMMasterC2-500C
Sunday June 11th58TH17.318K-1 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th59TH17.310C-1 Junior Mens 500mMJuniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th60TH17.320K-4 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorK4-500K
Sunday June 11th61TH17.321K-4 Masters Mens 500mMMasterK4-500K
Sunday June 11th62TH17.322C-4 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileC4-500C
Sunday June 11th63TH17.323C-1 Bantam Mens 500mMBantamC1-500C
Sunday June 11th64TH17.324K-1 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th65TH17.337K-1 Bantam Mens 500mMBantamK1-500K
Sunday June 11th66TH17.326K-4 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorK4-500K
Sunday June 11th67TH17.327K-1 Masters Womens 500mFMasterK1-500K
Sunday June 11th68TH17.328C-1 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamC1-500C
Sunday June 11th69TH17.329K-2 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileK2-500K
Sunday June 11th70TH17.330K-1 Junior Mens 500mMJuniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th71TH17.331K-4 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamK4-500K
Sunday June 11th72TH17.332C-1 Juvenile Mens 500mMJuvenileC1-500C
Sunday June 11th73TH17.333C-1 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileC1-500C
Sunday June 11th74TH17.334K-1 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorK1-500K
Sunday June 11th75TH17.335K-2 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorK2-500K
Sunday June 11th76TH17.336K-2 Masters Womens 500mFMasterK2-500K
Sunday June 11th77TH17.325K-2 Masters Mens 500mMMasterK2-500K
Sunday June 11th78TH17.338C-2 Bantam Womens 500mFBantamC2-500C
Sunday June 11th79TH17.339K-4 Juvenile Womens 500mFJuvenileK4-500K
Sunday June 11th80TH17.340C-1 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorC1-500C
Sunday June 11th81TH17.341C-1 Masters Mens 500mMMasterC1-500C
Sunday June 11th82TH17.342K2 Senior Mens 500mMSeniorK2-500K
Sunday June 11th83TH17.343C-4 Junior Womens 500mFJuniorC4-500C
Sunday June 11th84TH17.344C-4 Senior Womens 500mFSeniorC4-500C
Sunday June 11th85TH17.345C-4 Masters Womens 500mFMasterC4-500C
Sunday June 11th86TH17.346C-4 Masters Mens 500mMMasterC4-500C
Sunday June 11th87TH17.511K-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th88TH17.512V-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th90TH17.513V-1 Paracanoe Mens 200mMSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Sunday June 11th91TH17.514K-1 Paracanoe Womens 200mFSenior/Open/MastersPara-200P
Note - paracanoeist events may be further defined  and moved within the schedule.
Note 2 masters events only appear as one age level.  If sufficient master entries in any event, entries will be split into 2 or 3 age categories for that event.